Tyra Banks slammed as ‘weak & insecure’ by former ANTM star Eugena Washington who claims she also suffers PTSD from show

TYRA Banks was slammed as “weak and insecure” by former America’s Next Top Model star Eugena Washington.

The 36-year-old model claimed she also suffers from PTSD from her time on the show.

Eugena claimed Tyra is ‘weak and insecure’Credit: The CW / America’s Next Top Model

The former contestant competed on Cycle 7 of the show


The former contestant competed on Cycle 7 of the showCredit: The CW / America’s Next Top Model

Eugena opened up about being a contestant on ANTM while appearing on the Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

After admitting she and Tyra, 47, “don’t get along,” Eugena said: “She doesn’t like me. I don’t like her. We’ve never liked each other and that’s that.

“But I saw her and she tried to kick my a** every single elimination because I wasn’t scared of her.

She continued: “I was there to learn from her and talk to her and she was my hero. And I really looked up to her. So to be nervous and scared, I was like, ‘It’s not that there’s an opportunity for me.’

“But other girls were drinking the Kool-Aid and singing to her and kissing her a**.”

Eugena- who was the second runner-up on Season 7- claimed “Tyra needs people to kiss her a**” and said the host tried to “humble” her but it was “too late because I am who I am.”

She continued: “We had our power struggles and she’s got a flexible power on me all the time.”


The former ANTM contestant alleged that every elimination ceremony was a “showdown” between her and Tyra, claiming: “She was always going to say some f**k shit to me that made me mad or pissed me off or trying to make me look stupid.

“I knew that they were choosing all of my worst images so she could talk s**t.”


The model then slammed Tyra for trying to “humble” her, stating that her intentions were “not honorable” and instead about the host’s “own insecurity.”

She added: “For me, coming in and having the confidence that I had and for her mission to be to humble me was f**ked up because she knows how, how detrimental that is for a young girl at that time, especially going into this industry.”

When asked if why she thinks Tyra decided to pick on her, Eugena said: “I think it was her turn to try to bully somebody cause she felt bullied. And I think that she wanted it to be me.”

Reiterating that Tyra is “insecure,” the former TV personality continued: “It’s very possible that she saw my potential and saw what I could be.

“And she also saw my, my confidence in being it. And she also saw something she probably did not have and probably needed to have.”


Eugena claimed the way Tyra treated her on the show still haunts her today, sharing: “I don’t know any b***h who’s done something to me in my life that I could take 10 years from now and still want to have a conversation with her about it as if I’m still hurt.”

Additionally, she admitted to having “literal PTSD” from the experience.


Another bombshell allegation made by Eugena during the podcast appearance is that Tyra is “deathly afraid” of Naomi Campbell, 57.

Eugena claimed: “She shakes in her boots against Naomi Campbell and Naomi Campbell just sits there.”

She continued: “I don’t know what Naomi Campbell really did to that girl, but she can’t handle it.”

The model said Tyra’s fear of Naomi is “so sad” because the TV personality “created her own lane.”

Eugena added: “No one could take America’s Next Top Model away from her period. Like she created this global phenomenon.”

Engena didn't hold back as she recounted her experience on the show


Engena didn’t hold back as she recounted her experience on the showCredit: Getty

She claimed the host and judge 'bullied' her


She claimed the host and judge ‘bullied’ herCredit: Getty

The contestant also claimed Tyra is 'deathly afraid' of Naomi Campbell


The contestant also claimed Tyra is ‘deathly afraid’ of Naomi CampbellCredit: Getty

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