‘Ungrateful’ mum slated for moaning about how supermarket worker packed her bags

A MUM has been slammed as “ungrateful” after moaning about how a supermarket worker packed her bags.

Taking to Facebook the Australian customer complained about how their Woolworths delivery order arrived, but it has left people divided over the gripe.


A mum has been slammed after complaining about the way her supermarket shopping was packedCredit: Facebook

The Queensland shopper revealed how a 2-litre milk and carton of eggs were packed in the same plastic bag for a home delivery order.

“Just wondering on what planet that my lovely personal shopper thought it was OK to pack these two items together,” she wrote.

“I’m grateful my eggs weren’t broken … now along with my please don’t squish my bread instruction I’ll need to add please pack my eggs alone and lonely.”

The shopper’s post attracted a mixed reaction, with some saying they had similar experiences when it came to getting their groceries packed while others showed less sympathy.

“At least you have someone do it for you,” one person commented.

“There is a section for notes … You can say please pack my eggs alone,” another suggested.

When placing a grocery order, Woolworths customers are able to specify how they want their groceries packed in the notes section of their online order.

Woolworths told news.com.au that they “appreciate this customer’s feedback” and encouraged customers to let the supermarket know if they are unhappy with how their order arrives.

“We have a dedicated team of personal shoppers and drivers, who work hard to deliver thousands of online orders to the highest standard every day,” a spokesperson said.

“Our personal shoppers take care to ensure products are packed to avoid breakages, and we encourage customers to let us know if any products in their order don’t arrive in top condition.

“While neither of these items were damaged, we appreciate this customer’s feedback and have passed it on to our team.”

This article was originally published on News.com.au and has been republished here with permission.

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