Video showcases ‘special’ talents of pet deer in a cute and funny way

Are you looking for a video that may make you smile? This clip involving a few deer and their human may do the trick. This clip may leave you grinning from ear to ear.

The video opens to show a deer with its human. It also shows a text that reads “Rating the deer sneezes,” a type of dance form. As the clip progresses, texts appear on the screen rating deer on their ‘special talents. Wondering how much each deer scored?

Well, the video shows a deer named Belle, who is seen running in a yard amid snowfall, scoring a perfect 10/10. The next in the line is Sadie, who scores 7/10 because of her ‘simple yet effective style. The video then shows a deer named Molly whose score is 5/10 for being “out of rhythm.” The video also shows Luna, who scored 2/10 because she looked “confused.” And, the last one is Lily, who scored 0/10 because she ‘said she is not a deer but an elephant.’

The super sweet video, however, doesn’t end here. Instead, it goes on to show some more traits of the deer. So, watch and enjoy:

What are your thoughts on the video?

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