Viral TikTok shows suspected thieves casually walking out of Lowe’s store with trolley full of goods

A clip of two alleged shoplifters leaving a Lowe’s store with shopping carts filled with stolen goods has been making the rounds on TikTok.

Posted by Massimiliano Colella (@colmax77), the footage shows the pair leaving the shop in Oregon on August 25, allegedly pushing carts filled with unpaid goods. The caption urges viewers to alert the police immediately if they recognize the suspects after employees were physically unable to stop them.

The footage shows a Lowe’s staff member approach the men as they walk towards the store’s exit. The employee is heard asking for their receipt, to which he responds, “right there” before flinging his arm to the left.

The clip has since racked a whopping 2.5 million views.



“No, I don’t think so,” the employee is heard saying – but the alleged thieves continue to walk out scot-free.

The clip shows the pair pick up their pace towards their car, where they unload the items. The recorder is heard saying, “Funny and disturbing at the same time,” as they frantically load the car’s boot before driving off.

The pair frantically pack up the car before driving off.



“Dude, that’s like thousands of dollars – I’m an electrician,” a passerby is be heard saying in the background.

The clip has since racked up a staggering 2.5 million views and thousands of concerned comments. “When there are no consequences, a criminal will be a criminal,” one said.

While others suggested that this wasn’t the first incident of its kind. “I was at the Hayden Meadows Lowe’s and watched two people run out with a cart full of stuff. Lots of wire. They totally got away”, one commented.

Another claimed that this type of theft is becoming a recurring theme, “[My] nephew works at Lowes. It’s an everyday event! So sad!”

Keizer Police Lieutenant Andrew Copeland told Indy100: “The following day (24 hours later) Lowe’s called in and reported the theft to the Keizer Police Department.

“The case is actively being worked on by one of our property crime specialists.

“We will need the public’s help in identifying the suspects since they were obviously not apprehended on the day of the theft.”


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