Viral video: Pilots film chilling moment they flew through the eye of Hurricane Ida [WATCH]

Hurricane Ida is a Category 4 hurricane that has already swept up to the southern coast of North America.

It is packing winds of up to 230 kmph and is expected to leave behind a trail of destruction.

According to Reuters, the hurricane made landfall and plowed into Louisiana from the Gulf of Mexico. Torrential rainfall and the string surf submerged much of the shoreline under several feet of water.

It’s not easy for everyone to get a proper look at the eye of the storm. Only weather experts and scientists have the clearance to do so.

But this time, two pilots managed to film the chilling moment they flew through the eye of Hurricane Ida before it made landfall.

The NOAA WP-3D Orion #NOAA43 Miss Piggy research mission flight managed to do the near-impossible by piercing through the eye of the storm over the Gulf of Mexico.

Watch video:

National Hurricane Center shared the stunning footage on their social media accounts. They wrote: Stunning video taken from inside the eye of #Ida this morning by the NESDIS Ocean Winds Research team during a flight on the @NOAA_HurrHunter P3 aircraft @NOAASatellites.”

The footage shows the pilots bouncing around in their seats as they went through the eye of the hurricane. The visuals become clear after a minute as they enter the eye of Ida.

As seen in the footage, the sky above the aircraft at blue. One can easily make out the storm’s eye, which happens to be the point where the lowest pressures are found.

Power was knocked out in all of New Orleans, Louisiana’s most populated city, after the landfall of Hurricane Ida.

People living in vulnerable areas were ordered to evacuate the areas in advance. However, many families are riding out of the storm in their homes in New Orleans.

According to reports, Hurricane Ida slammed ashore near Port Fourchon sixteen years after Hurricane  Katrina struck the Golf Coast.

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