WATCH: Captain Sandy Goes Off on Malia White in VIDEO

The “Below Deck Mediterranean” season is far from over!

Over the last few years, Captain Sandy Yawn and Bosun Malia White have grown closer as both friends and crew-mates. But it looks like things may take a turn this season. Bravo released the mid-season trailer, as seen below, and Yawn and White get into it.

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In the clip, Yawn and White get into a confrontation, and she screams at White, “I don’t trust you! I don’t trust you!” The mid-trailer didn’t preview anything else about their fight, but luckily, the first trailer did.

Bravo dropped the season trailer earlier this summer in June, and it also featured their confrontation. In one scene of the trailer, the camera zooms in on a crew member’s bruised leg.

Yawn then cries to White, “That’s an incident report, Malia.” White responds to Yawn by saying, “I’m not a chief officer.” After White says that, it seems to make Yawn even angrier, as she yells back at White, “I don’t give a f***! You should’ve come to me that he was hurt.” Later, the camera pans to White sitting on the floor, crying.

White Called the Incident ‘Frustrating’

The argument has yet to air, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering what went down. White has since addressed their confrontation, calling it a, “very intense moment.”

“It’s the most intense moment that Captain Sandy and I have ever had, regardless of what some people may think,” White told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month. “I definitely got to see the other side to Captain Sandy towards me, but I think, yeah, when you see what it’s about and things, I think you’ll realize it’s because she’s holding me to a higher standard, which is sometimes frustrating, but it’s also understandable.”

The Bosun teased, “If you think we’ve had the most dramatic night, you should keep watching. Because although it doesn’t seem like things can get more intense, they just might.”

Yawn Also Addressed Their Confrontation

Captain Sandy also dished on her side of the story, but assured fans that she and White have since rekindled their friendship. “Oh, Malia and I are fine,” she told E! News in June. “We just have to wait and see what happens, but, you know, there are times, even though you’re leading people, you get pissed.”

She added, “One of the things that really upset me is when people don’t take responsibility and they shrug it.” White also shared that she’s proud of White for being such a solid crew member. “Malia is an awesome crew member,” she told E! News. “She does her job. You know, she always pitches in, you see her washing the dishes. Like, she’s a team player. She’s a real yachtie.”

White has expressed multiple times how she hopes to be a captain like Yawn one day. Yawn said that although she has, “a lot to learn still…she’s learning and she’s doing the work.


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