Watch Jackson & Ember Roloff Walk Down Aisle At Amy, Chris’ Wedding 
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Watch Jackson & Ember Roloff Walk Down Aisle At Amy, Chris’ Wedding 

Jackson and Ember Roloff were blessed with the roles of ring bearer and flower girl at Amy and Chris Marek’s wedding. As LPBW fans know, yesterday was the big day. Amy Roloff walked down the aisle and started her life as the wife of Chris Marek. Fans of the TLC family spent the entire day eagerly awaiting updates, photos, or social media posts of some kind.

Amy Roloff Instagram

LPBW fans suspected Amy Roloff would sell the very first pictures to a media outlet. And, fans also assumed TLC might be present to film the wedding for the reality TV series. As we previously reported, photos and videos from Amy and Chris Marek’s wedding have started to roll in. Audrey Roloff showered fans with photos and videos of Ember and Jackson Roloff. Amy’s adorable grandbabies were the ringer bearer and flower girl for the special occasion. You can click here and see an array of adorable photos from the special event featuring Jackson and Ember.

Audrey Roloff, however, also took to her Instagram Stories to share a video clip of Ember and Jackson Roloff walking down the aisle together. “Cuteness overload” Audrey gushed in a caption on the video.

Watch Jackson and Ember walk down the aisle

Unfortunately, Instagram Stories do expire after 24 hours. Moreover, you must have an Instagram account to view Stories. So, this sweet video of Jackson and Ember Roloff walking down the aisle that Audrey uploaded won’t be there forever. Fortunately, the sweet video clip of Amy Roloff’s grandbabies wandering down the aisle has been uploaded to other places. You can watch the clip in the tweet down below.

Amy and Chris Marek’s wedding: Grandbabies were peas in a pod

Audrey Roloff later chased this adorable display of walking down the aisle with video clips of Jackson and Ember dancing together on the dance floor after the ceremony. At one point in time, Jackson breaks free from Ember and does an adorable little jig on his own. Audrey revealed the ringer bearer and flower girl spent most of the day and night together. And, LPBW fans were HERE for this adorable display of Roloff grandbabies.

lpbw instagram

Do you think it is sweet that Jackson and Ember got to participate in the wedding? Share your thoughts on the video clip of Amy Roloff’s grandbabies walking down the aisle at her wedding. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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