What Does ‘The Witcher’s’ Henry Cavill Eat To Maintain Physique?

The Witcher’s Henry Cavill is known for his imposing Geralt of Riva stature and doing his own monster-killing, sword-yielding stunts. But, what does he eat to fuel his body and maintain his action-hero physique? Turns out, it is pretty much the same food every day.

What does Cavill eat to maintain his infamous build?

This is What The Witcher’s Henry Cavill Eats Every Day

How does The Witcher’s Henry Cavill maintain his spectacular physique? It starts with his diet. Speaking to GQ, Cavill, who is now MuscleTech’s Chief Creative Director and Global Brand Ambassador, eats the same thing every day. Moreover, he is happy to do this.

First of all, he became keenly aware of his mortality when he suffered a serious hamstring injury on the set of The Witcher last December. This was nearly a career-changing injury. While he was hobbling about, he started to look into what he was putting into his body, and understanding how his body works.

He found the diet that allowed him the energy to keep going from his 4 a.m. physical therapy sessions to his long days on set. Henry gets his meals prepared and delivered every three days.

He starts his day with a protein shake, along with oatmeal and berries. After that, he gets part two of his breakfast. That consists of an omelet with ham, along with six ounces of beef filet. Two to three hours later, sometimes after another shake, he eats chicken with white rice, and some curry sauce, because he likes “the flavor.”

About three hours later, he will have more chicken, but this time with brown rice. We may want to assume that the curry sauce is close by. Then a few hours later, it is sweet potatoes with four ounces of beef. As he is not a fan of sweet potatoes, he will pop them into the oven, to make them crispy. Before bed, he will have another shake. Sometimes that final bit is a couple of hours before bedtime, not long after dinner.

For those inquiring minds, he mixes his shakes with water, instead of milk. Otherwise, it is too much like dessert. He may have a chocolate shake at night, but not in the morning. It can be a bit much.

Does Henry Cavill Ever Have A Cheat Day?

The Witcher’s Henry Cavill does have a very strict diet plan. However, he does allow an occasional cheat day. While he may be known to order enough take-out for six people, just for himself, he also enjoys puttering in his kitchen or outside with his Big Green Egg.

Just over a week ago, the Argylle star shared some Instagram photos of his pizza-making experiment. He wrote, “First time cooking pizza on the Egg this weekend! I even risked it all and made my own dough last night. First one tasted ok, but looks like Kal made it while drunk, so I ended up cranking the heat to 370-400C (700-750F) and making the bases suuuper thin, which may have just done the trick! My topping placement still needs work, though. Swipe for pizzas 1,2&3.”

Ever the perfectionist, he was still not happy with his topping placement, but the Man of Steel star can craft a beautiful Pizza Napoletana. Anyone who was distressed about the lack of fruits and vegetables in his regular diet may note that there were onions and tomatoes on that pizza, along with meat and cheese and his perfectly thin crust.

The Witcher Star Recalls His Workouts Filming Season 1

Of course, The Witcher star does more than following an eating program. He has a very important workout regime. However, he has made it clear that even though he can, and has used very heavy weights in his workout, the weight does not matter. It is the workout itself.

Henry Cavill wrote on Instagram, “Having a little flashback to my days in Budapest on The Witcher and found this photo. I like it because it shows that it doesn’t take huge weights everyday to achieve results. I was doing everything I could in a busy busy schedule to try and get something in, whenever I could. During this period I learned that it’s not the weight that matters, it’s the workout. So if you’re shy about going to the gym because there is always someone next to you using mahoosive weights, don’t be. You do your weights, just make every workout count. You might end up looking better than the fella or lady next to you that’s using those heavy weights. I also wanted to give a massive shout-out to Adam at Flex Gym. Adam went out of his way to help make sure I could get some training in, no matter the time of day or night, he’d open the gym so I could throw some weights (big or little!) around. Thank you my friend. I hope to see you soon! @FlexGymBudapest #YouDoYou #GymStuff.”

Netflix drops The Witcher Season 2 on Friday, December 17, 2021.

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