What Happened Between YouTubers Landon McBroom and Shyla Walker?

In May, prior to the restraining order being filed, Shyla and Landon announced that their YouTube channel would be changing moving forward. Landon was planning to focus on his boxing career, and so the channel would be owned by Shyla’s who would post more videos on her own. Shortly after that announcement, the restraining order was filed, and neither one of them has posted a video since. All of the old videos on their channel have also been deleted.

Landon and Shyla started their YouTube channel in 2017, and most of their videos focused on providing updates on their lives. Now that their channel has essentially been erased, it seems that they’ve moved to posting more on other social media platforms. Landon has yet to respond to Shyla’s accusations, but it seems like the drama between them isn’t over just yet.

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