What Happened to Captain Lee on ‘Below Deck’? Here’s What We Know

In the year 2009, The Lonely Island and T-Pain perfectly encapsulated the thrilling sensation of being aboard a luxurious water vessel. After that, any other boat-themed pieces of art seemed redundant. But Bravo threw us all through a loop and released the reality TV series that posed a question not explored enough in “I’m on a Boat” and that is: What happens on the boat?

What happened to Captain Lee on ‘Below Deck’?

The Season 9 trailer for the Bravo reality TV show teases a huge change to the show. Someone else is taking over Lee’s Captain position due to “a condition” that prevents him from being the head honcho on the helm. He tells his crew, “The whole boat is your ballgame now.”

The trailer doesn’t delineate exactly what Captain Lee’s condition is, but could it have something to do with leaving his crew “high and dry” in the first episode of Season 8?

Previously, Lee sustained an injury that required him to be hospitalized. Captain Lee explained what happened to Bravo back in Nov. 2020: “I was getting out of the shower, and I don’t know why they gave me this little postage stamp of a bathmat to step onto when I get out of the shower. And the door doesn’t open out, it opens in. So you have to kind of stand off to the side in order to get out of the shower, and then the sink’s right here on your right.”

He continued, “I should have put a towel down or something because it’s marble floors, and marble on water gets really slippery. And I just slipped and fell into the sink.”

Although he said that his ribs were hurting him, which made breathing somewhat difficult, he was able to get back to work without issue and carry on with the rest of the season.

If fans are bummed out that they won’t be seeing any more of Captain Lee on the show, they needn’t worry, as the trailer for Season 9 indicates that he returns and fires someone in the process. Does he fire the new Captain, Sean Meagher? It appears that the rest of the crew isn’t too happy with Sean’s managerial style.

Eddie Lucas (first officer) looks to the cameras at one point and says, “F–k my life.” He continues, “We’re leaving the dock with a new captain, a new crew, tensions are high. Come back to me, Captain Lee. Come back to me, boat daddy.”

Whoever Captain Lee is firing on the boat, it doesn’t look like he’s happy about it. He says, “If I have to do your job, what do I need you for? Pack your bags.” Yikes.

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