What Is Klonis In ‘Clickbait’? Viewers Have Plenty of Questions
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What Is Klonis In ‘Clickbait’? Viewers Have Plenty of Questions

Per TheCinemaholic, Klonis is the company that Simon works for. In the series, it is revealed that Simon works as a content moderator.

This detail is very important since there are many videos that are released to the media in regards to Nick’s abduction. If you take a look at the trailer for Clickbait, a bruised and bloodied Nick can be seen holding a sign that reads, “At five million views, I die.”

Not to mention, another video goes viral of Nick holding another poster with a chilling message. It reads, “I killed a woman.”

Since Simon has access to the internet and the ability to moderate content, it calls into question if he is actually the brains behind the abduction.

Police figure out that the videos are going viral through a website hosted in Macedonia. But unfortunately, authorities do not have the means or right to shut down the website. This fact also makes Simon even more of a suspect in the crime.

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