What Kylie Jenner Looks Like Underneath All That Makeup

Insecurities over one’s physical appearance are hard to handle at times, and we’re happy Kylie Jenner figured out a way to make a few dollars stemming from her own. (Of course, we’re seriously curious as to what that rude potential suitor is thinking now.) But now that Kylie seems much more comfortable within herself, we need to know: What does she look like when her lips aren’t heavily lined? What is behind all that heavy foundation and Snapchat filters?

We found some evidence that the makeup mogul can sport the au naturel look and look seriously smashing while doing it. As it turns out, the creative overseer of Kylie Cosmetics has, wait for it… freckles. The photo we unearthed of this fresh-faced beauty (see above) reveals the reality star has a smattering of cute freckles, clear skin, and perfectly arched eyebrows.

Kylie makes no secret that she likes a heavy hand on the makeup brushes. “I can’t walk out of my house without my lipstick!” the reality star has admitted, per Bustle). While the mother of Stormi clearly loves makeup — and definitely knows how to sell it — we’re just as excited to catch a glimpse of a bare-faced Kylie Jenner when we get a chance.

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