What Will ‘What If…?’ Episode 5 Be About? Our Best Plot Theories

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Episode 4 of What If…?.

After Episode 4 of What If…?, it’s safe to say that the Marvel multiverse never ceases to amaze us. Truly, anything can happen, and we’re wondering how What If…? can possibly excel from here. Every episode has been better than the last, so whatever Episode 5 has in store must be pretty impressive.

On the other hand, it seems like What If…? Episode 5 might take a lighter turn to explore a less dire circumstance than dark Doctor Strange. Fans have a lot of theories of what What If…? Episode 5 will be about, but there seems to be one plot theory that trumps them all that has even spurned a fan-made trailer.

There’s one main theory of what ‘What If…?’ Episode 5 will be about.

The general consensus seems to be that we will finally meet a Thor variant in What If…? Episode 5. After a season of Loki and teased Loki variants, the Marvel fan base has long been awaiting a Thor variant to match his brother’s multiversal chaos (although we did technically meet Frog Thor in Loki). And now, with Episode 5, it looks like we’ll finally be getting to meet this (more humanlike) Thor variant, and he will not disappoint.

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The God of Thunder is sure to bring hilarity as the long-anticipated “Party Thor,” and we cannot wait to meet him. Although from the sounds of it, Party Thor won’t be nearly as heroic as the Thor we know and love (who also happens to be hilarious).

A favorite of many Marvel fans, Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of the Asgardian God is memorable for his charming humor, even when he drinks himself to indifference in Avengers: Endgame.

“Party Thor” is likely to cause a major chasm in the universe in ‘What If…?’ Episode 5.

Although Party Thor sounds like a good time, he might not be around for a long time. According to Episode 5’s IMDb page, the question this episode asks is, “What if Thor was banished to Earth but was still worthy of his mantle?” If that’s the case, that would mean he still has powers when he’s banished to Earth, unlike in the main MCU timeline, so he never has a chance to learn humility.

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Party Thor in 'What If...?' Marvel comics

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This episode will supposedly be a twist on the classic 2011 Thor film, in which Thor meets and falls in love with Jane Foster and learns to empathize with the little guys down on Earth. But if he still has his mantle, could he learn any of that?

It’s theorized that when Thor goes to Earth, he throws a giant party in Las Vegas to celebrate his godly status on Earth instead of going to the middle of nowhere in New Mexico.

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One Reddit theorizer who has been close to correct about the plots for the previous four episodes surmised, “Party Thor lands in Las Vegas instead of that little New Mexico town. Parties so hard it becomes world ending.” So is Thor just going to party at the end of the world? Or is he going to save the world as it nears destruction thanks to his chaotic behavior?

Party Thor in 'What If...?' episode 5

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In Episode 4, we see what happens when a Marvel hero turns to the dark side to defy nature. But in Episode 5, it sounds like we’ll see what happens when a Marvel hero never learns how to be heroic — and turns to a chaotic side.

Will Loki come in as the antithesis to chaos in this universe? Will Jane somehow show up and have the same effect on Thor, no matter what universe they’re in? And most importantly, will Thor still smell like lavender?

Episode 5 of What If…? premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 8 on Disney Plus.

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