When Hope Calls Christmas Special May Replace When Calls The Heart’s

What could make Hearties feel better if there is not a When Calls The Heart Christmas movie in 2021? Would a When Hope Calls Christmas movie be a worthy substitute? Could the annual Christmas Day When Calls The Heart’s Christmas Special be replaced with When Hope Calls?

Hallmark fans may want to hold out some hope that the WCTH spinoff is coming back.

Will Hallmark Make When Hope Calls  Christmas Movie?

Could Hallmark replace their When Calls The Heart Christmas movie with a When Hope Calls Christmas movie? It sure sounds like it! Recently, Ho! Ho! Ho! Holiday Viewing! Went to Twitter with a surprising revelation.

“Interesting…2 new productions just popped up for Hideaway Pictures in North Bay. Holiday title JINGLE BELL PRINCESS and a WHEN HOPE CALLS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. No definite dates yet, so don’t set DVRs, but seems WHEN CALLS THE HEART’s spin-off might be taking over its holiday spot.”

Just to reiterate her message, they are beginning production on a When Hope Calls Christmas Special. So far, there are no announcements, nor any details given. We do not know if this will air in 2021.

However, if they are filming now, there is plenty of time to get this out for Christmas 2021. Currently, Hallmark has a cornucopia of holiday movies that are just beginning production, and they will air before Christmas. The odds do look quite good.

But, were Hearties ever given a hint that the spinoff show would return?

Brian Bird Hinted At When Hope Calls ‘Solution’

Should Hearties hold out hope that there will be a new When Hope Calls material? Absolutely. It was just June when WCTH co-creator and executive producer Brian Bird tweeted to an inquiring Heartie some hopeful news. After the fan asked about When Hope Calls Season 2, Bird replied “Stay tuned for news. We’re working on a plan.”

While Bird did not give any clues as to how they were going to remedy this, a Christmas movie was not even a top guess. However, should this be a When Hope Calls Christmas movie, that would be a wonderful solution.

When Calls The Heart Season 9

What about When Calls The Heart Season 9? Like Season 8, there will be 12 episodes in the upcoming season. This could be the reason that there was not a 2020 Christmas special in 2020.

Between the Covid restrictions, and need to film outside as much as possible, and filming additional episodes, there was just not enough time to film the annual Christmas movie.

However, if the WCTH powers that be can make this happen, Hearties will easily forgive them for this natural switch.

Hearties, would you be happy with a When Hope Calls Christmas special instead of the When Calls The Heart Christmas special?

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