Gossip Girl episode 7: When is it back on HBO Max?

Gossip GirlAfter the midseason finale today, it only makes sense to wonder about the Gossip Girl episode 7 return date. This is a show designed to keep you hooked for a long period of time — and yea, it’s an absolute bummer that you’re going to be waiting for a little while.

The bad news, for now, is that HBO Max has not technically shared date for when the reboot is going to return. It looks like it will be back this year, but whether we’re talking October or November, for example, remains to be seen. We’ll hopefully get a date over the next few weeks and potentially even a trailer for what is coming up next.

Beyond just a return date for this, we’re equally curious to learn more about what the long-term future will be here, as well. We know that Gossip Girl performed extremely well for the streaming service upon its premiere, which makes sense given the popularity of the original series. However, we know that reboots and revivals have a trajectory to get off to a great start, only to falter soon after and stumble. These shows are marketed based on curiosity, but inevitably, you aren’t able to keep everyone watching in the long term. Some people will bail.

Hopefully, though, this version of Gossip Girl is doing enough to get more episodes down the road and to keep people hooked for at least a little while. After all, this is a series that is bringing quite a bit to the table moving forward; it’s not trying to replicate the story pattern of the original. Instead, it’s doing its own thing, but we’ll wait and see how it ultimately pans out.

What do you most want to see on Gossip Girl episode 7?

Are you sad to be waiting a little while to see it? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you do that, remember to stick around to get some other news related to the show. (Photo: HBO Max.)

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