When Will It Arrive on Netflix?

Johnny and Daniel are going to return for another round. Cobra Kai Season 5 is officially happening at Netflix.

Many movie franchises are moving into TV shows for revivals and reboots. Scream did it with some success and I Know What You Did Last Summer will arrive on Amazon Prime Video in October 2021. The Karate Kid movies also got the TV series treatment. Unlike the others that are reboots, this is a true revival. Deadline shared the exciting news about Cobra Kai Season 5 happening.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Renewed Ahead of Season 4 Premiere

When it comes to The Karate Kid series, the early renewal isn’t all that unheard of. After Netflix saved the series when YouTube stopped producing original content, it granted a fourth season ahead of the third season release. The writers got to work quickly, allowing the show to film and get through editing within 2021. However, the timing of the Season 5 renewal is surprising. It is extremely early.

Cobra Kai Season 4 will come to Netflix in December 2021. An exact release date isn’t confirmed yet. Season 5 is confirmed with months still to go before Season 4 drops on Netflix. It’s exciting news for fans, and just shows the success the series had on the streamer.

Fans likely expected the renewal to eventually happen but not this early. However, the renewal is likely off the back of the success at the Emmy nominations back in July 2021. The show earned four Emmy nominations.

When Will Season 5 Release on Netflix?

With the early renewal, eyes will now be on when the show will come to Netflix. It usually takes between 14 and 18 months for the arrival of new seasons of Netflix shows. Cobra Kai managed to reduce the time period. Season 3 came in January 2021 and fans will get Season 4 in December of the same year. Releasing a new season of a Netflix show within the same calendar year is virtually unheard of.

The early renewal will help to cut down the release time once more. There is a strong chance the season will arrive in summer 2022, about a year after the renewal announcement.

The benefit of Cobra Kai is that while it is a drama, the episodes are just 30 minutes long. This helps to keep the filming time down, allowing for a quicker turnaround time between seasons. Netflix will still want to space out content, though. After all, 2022 is likely the year that a lot of big releases happen as the shows delayed from the pandemic bring out new seasons.

Season 4 will pick up off the back of the third season, which saw Johnny and Danny team together to take down John Kreese. How the season ends will affect the storyline for Season 5. The great thing about the renewal is not having to worry about a cliffhanger ending.

Cobra Kai is available to stream on Netflix with Season 4 coming in December 2021.

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