When will premiere date be announced now?

YellowstoneWe know at this point that the Yellowstone season 4 premiere date is going to be sometime this fall. To be specific, the month of November has been bandied about but not 100% confirmed as of yet.

For the sake of this article, why not try to hone in on some further specifics? Rather than try to pinpoint the date itself, we’re going to talk about when the premiere date could be announced. There is a lot to dive into here and of course, we’ll have confirmation on the show’s future whenever it is confirmed.

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Labor Day Weekend – This makes a lot of sense, given that this is when Paramount Network could likely air another marathon of new episodes. It would also be a great way to show off a full trailer with more footage featuring these new episodes.

During a Sunday NFL broadcast – Remember that Paramount Network and CBS are owned by the same parent company, and one of the justifications for the later premiere date was that there could cross-promotional opportunities during football. We could see an announcement coming during the first Sunday of the regular season.

During the Emmys – Remember that the awards show is airing on CBS come September 10! Why not use a commercial break during the broadcast to announce a start date? There are going to be plenty of diehard TV fans watching.

Just a random point in September – Is this a boring option? Sure, but we’d honestly be surprised if the network waited longer than this to announce a premiere date. Maybe they feel like they don’t need a special occasion to hype up the show and they can just release a press release or a trailer on their own.

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When do you think that the Yellowstone season 4 premiere date could be announced?

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