Where does the Welcome to Plathville family live?

THE TLC series Welcome to Plathville is back for a third season, and things look a little different for the Plath family than they did when the show first began.

For starters, several of the older kids no longer live with Kim and Barry Plath, their parents. Micah and Moriah live in a house together, while Ethan and his wife, Olivia, have been living separately for a while and are considering a move away from the town the whole family lives in.


The Plath family lives in Georgia but might not live on the farm they claimed to reside on in the first season of the TLC seriesCredit: TLC

Does the Plath family live in Georgia?

In the season 2 premiere of Welcome to Plathville, Kim said she and her husband raised their kids in rural South Georgia. 

The town they live in, Cairo, is very close to the Georgia/Florida border.

In fact, Cairo is about 45 minutes away from Tallahassee, Florida.

Where does the Welcome to Plathville family live?

But the Plaths might not actually live where they claimed to in the first season of the show.

The parents claimed to raise their kids on a huge farm in Georgia with limited technology and an emphasis on playing outdoors instead.

Internet sleuths quickly realized that that farm is actually listed on Airbnb, and available for $125 a night.

Did the Plath family move?

In the second season opener, Kim said, “We moved off the farm and into a beautiful house in Cairo.”

The family is split between three houses now


The family is split between three houses nowCredit: TLC

“We weren’t looking to move,” she revealed. “We were looking for another house as an investment property.”

But Kim explained the family “fell in love” with the property and they decided to make it their new home.

The timeline on how long the Plath family has actually been living in that home is not clear. What is clear is how close it is to Ethan and Olivia’s house — Ethan said in the season 2 premiere that it is just .3 miles away.

“I mean, I can’t go to the grocery store or go to work without practically driving right by it,” he explained. 

The couple is clearly not happy having Ethan’s parents so close, and even brought up moving to Tallahassee in the season 3 premiere episode. 

Where each of the Plath kids and the Plath family, in general, will end up is anyone’s guess.

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