Who Is Jorden Halvorsen from ‘How to Be a Cowboy’?

The bull rider begins her internship on the first episode of the series, “Welcome to Radiator Ranch.” Though Jorden has no formal experience with ranch work, Dale is hoping that her bull riding past will give her an edge in the role.

Right before she started her internship with Dale, Jorden had sustained a serious knee injury, and she had to have ACL reconstruction surgery. She took the position at Radiator Ranch in the hopes that she would be able to recuperate, and get the confidence to get back into bull riding.

By the end of the first episode, Jorden gets back on the saddle again, and she rides a bucking bull.

As the rest of the show continues, Jorden continues to pick up new skills in her internship, and she forms bonds with the rest of the Radiator ranch employees.

In the sixth and final episode of the first season, she brings her biggest fan, Lakota, to a rodeo. She performs well, and she ultimately takes on the lead position on the scoreboard. Jorden concludes the competition with a flashy belt buckle.

In the final moments of the season, Jorden praises her boss for helping her to become more confident again.

“Working with Dale and his team has really helped build my confidence to get back to riding the way I know how to,” she says on the series.

Jorden then goes on to share that she wants to be an inspiration to other young, female bull riders.

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