Who Is Marie Kondo’s Interpreter? She Helps the Organizer Spark Joy

Fans of Tidying Up know Marie’s interpreter, Marie Iida, well. Introducing herself as simply Iida, she stars next to Marie, but she’s much more than just an interpreter. According to her website, Iida is a writer based in LA. She got started writing film reviews and transitioned into translating screenplays later on. Although she’s living life in America now, she was born in Tokyo and regularly works with the Japanese language.

Fans of Tidying Up fell in love with Iida because her interpretations are perfection. She makes it clear that an interpretation is so much more than just a word-for-word translation. It’s a true understanding of the words being said alongside the inflection the original speaker is using to get their words and ideas across.

When Iida works with Marie, she connects with the audience. She allows everyone to understand the organizer and does so with a soft, nurturing approach. It’s the same kind of energy that Marie has when she speaks, and fortunately, Iida matches it perfectly. She conveys not just Marie’s words, but her intention and energy as well.

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