Who is TNathan Lokius? TikTok activist arrested and goes viral

Videos showing TikTok activist Troy Nathan Fairley, also known as ‘T Nathan,’ being arrested have gone viral on the platform. He has been issued with out-of-state warrants, but nobody seems to know what exactly happened, and many of his followers believe he should be set free.

This isn’t the first time the civil rights campaigner, who has over a million followers across his TikTok and Twitter channels, has had run-ins with the law.

Fairley has had his share of run-ins with the law before, one of which led to him serving 22 months of a three-year forgery sentence in Florida prison, which caused him to be removed from the Mississippi Rising Coalition when they found out a few years later.


The #FreeTNathan hashtag has been used in over 80 thousand videos.

#FreeTNathan trending on TikTok

The hashtag is now trending on TikTok after word got out that he has been arrested again, this time on “fugitive from justice out of state” charges. Fairley was picked up by Arkansas police in the afternoon on September 7.

Supporters of the campaigner have since taken to TikTok to stand with him, talking about the good he has done, as well as defending him from critics who dislike the creator.

TikTok user ‘TheMorivita’ detailed in his video how T Nathan has been a mentor to him for as long as he can remember.


Free TNathan Fairley‼️ #freetnathan

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Thousands of other creators like notmoneelove200, faxnsnax, and closettalk101 are also using the hashtag #freetnathan to express their concerns.

It is unknown at the time of writing exactly what Fairley has been charged with. All we can confirm is the information made available by the police department until more details are released.

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