Why Did David Spade Leave ‘Bachelor in Paradise’? Comedian Hosted Season 7 Premiere

Bachelor Nation is so opinionated, so for them to accept that I was there was a big relief because I didn’t really think, ‘Oh, what if they hate me?'” he told Entertainment Tonight. “They’ve had Chris for so long and I’m just going in like, ‘Beep bop boop,’ just being stupid.”

BIP decided to ask a slew of celebs to host this season, so throughout Season 7, audiences will watch Lance Bass, Lil Jon, and Tituss Burgess take on the hosting gig.

“It’s my kind of style because a lot of people watch it like the way I was acting, just kind of goofing around with it,” the 57-year-old continued. “I liked it. I only did two. It was still hard. Things that are hard are hard, you know? You can quote me. The other ones are longer. Two is pretty fun. I liked it.”


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