Why did David Spade leave Bachelor in Paradise?

THE fans loved him, the producers loved him – but that didn’t stop David Spade quitting Bachelor in Paradise.

In fact he left after just TWO episodes, leaving some viewers wondering what happened to make him quit.


David Spade quit Bachelor in Paradise after two episodesCredit: Getty

Why did David Spade leave Bachelor in Paradise?

David said he only ever wanted to host a few episodes of the reality show as filling in Chris Harrison’s shoes was harder than he had imagined. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said: “It’s my kind of style because a lot of people watch it like the way I was acting, just kind of goofing around with it.

“I liked it. I only did two. It was still hard. Things that are hard are hard, you know? You can quote me.

“The other ones are longer. Two is pretty fun. I liked it.”

David was a big hit on the show with viewers


David was a big hit on the show with viewersCredit: ABC

Who will host Bachelor in Paradise season 7?

Unlike the previous seasons, Bachelor in Paradise will have multiple celebrity guest hosts. 

Well Adams will serve as the guest host on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

American rapper Lil Jon will also host the show at some point.

Lance Bass will also be spicing up things by the beach, and last but not least, Broadway star Tituss Burgess is also set to step into David’s shoes.

Will David Spade return to host Bachelor in Paradise?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn’t look likely.

However, he will be missed as the funny guy was quick to win over the viewers, who really want him back.

One tweeted: “All of Bachelor Nation campaigning for David Spade to permanently host.”

Another said: “David Spade is by far my favorite part about the bachelor in paradise.”

This one commented: “We only got 2 episodes with David Spade?! #BachelorInParadise.”

Bachelor In Paradise fans praise David Spade as ‘better host’ than Chris Harrison


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