Why Did Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty Break Up?

Demi Burnett made history in the summer of 2019 when she and Kristian Haggerty became the first same-sex couple in Bachelor Nation. During their season of Bachelor in Paradise, although there was some drama of course, Demi proposed to Kristian, and the two left the island happier than ever.

But now, Demi is back on Bachelor in Paradise, looking for love once again. So there must have been trouble in her paradise with Kristian, but what exactly happened? Why did they break up?

Demi revealed why she and Kristian broke up on the ‘Almost Famous’ podcast.

For a long time, Demi and Kristian’s statement was all the information we had about their breakup. E! News also shared what they knew from a source close to the former couple. Apparently, since they returned from Bachelor in Paradise, their relationship was “extremely rocky,” and they had been “trying to make things work for the last month.”

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“They were supposed to permanently move in together in LA, and that never happened,” according to the source. “They really haven’t spent much time together in the same place since getting back from Paradise, and it made them rethink the whole situation. They grew apart, and once they came down from the post-vacation high, they realized they were rushing their relationship. They still love each other but felt it was best to call off the engagement for now.”

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That’s not too surprising since one of the main criticisms of Bachelor relationships is that they go way too fast. Even though Demi and Kristian dated before going on Bachelor in Paradise, they still couldn’t make it work.

Demi revealed why on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s podcast, Almost Famous. “Kristian is very, very loving, and she’s the best girlfriend, the best partner to be with. She would do anything for you, and I didn’t reciprocate that,” Demi explained.

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“I wasn’t as good to her as she was to me. I was kind of distant. I was overwhelmed. I was freaked out.” Many of us have heard that in relationships before. But Demi went on, realizing that she just couldn’t get to the same place Kristian was in.

“She was so in it, and she was so good to me, and that would make me feel guilty because I was like, ‘I’m not feeling the same anymore, and I feel bad that I don’t feel the same anymore because I made a commitment to you. I feel like a garbage human being.’”

She added, “I wanted to be with her more than anything, and I kept trying, and I kept trying, and I just wasn’t feeling it anymore … I wasn’t anywhere near ready for what I signed myself up for and what I did.” Demi even dished that when Kristian proposed back to her on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, Demi was annoyed with her.

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Source: ABC

“It definitely made me angry,” she revealed. “I’m a selfish person sometimes, and that was my thing, you know: ‘I proposed to you.’” And to make things worse, Demi didn’t even like the ring that Kristian picked out for her. So it sounds like splitting up was the right decision.

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Kristian is in a new relationship, while Demi is back in ‘Paradise.’

In February 2020, both Kristian and Demi made their new separate relationships Instagram official. Kristian started dating her friend and YouTuber Taylor Blake. They’ve now been together for over a year and a half and seem to be very happy. When they started dating, Demi told Ben and Ashley, “She’s in a new relationship now, and she looks so happy, and so that makes me very happy.”

Demi Burnett in 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Source: ABC

Demi also dated musician Slater Davis starting in February, and she lived with him and his family during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, quarantining with him and the family took a toll on their relationship, and they broke up after four months. So Demi is now single and back in Paradise, ready to stir up drama, make jokes, and break hearts.

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