Why Do They Call Hannah Chaddha on ‘Big Brother’? It’s Pretty Simple

Fans might not know that Chaddha isn’t just a nickname — it’s her surname. Many Big Brother contestants get nicknames, like how Derek Frazier is Big D this season. But Hannah’s nickname is simply her last name.

Although the 21-year-old Chicago native was introduced by her first name in the Season 23 premiere, she later told Houseguests that she prefers to be called by her last name — Chaddha.

The Cookout has caused quite a bit of controversy on this season of Big Brother, and it’s clear that Chaddha is a force to be reckoned with. Early in the game, she became a fan favorite, and many viewers are hoping that she survives long enough to compete in the Season 23 finale.

“Tiffany and Hannah are everything I’ve ever wanted in a player in Big Brother. Kind, fierce, intelligent, hilarious, and ruthless gamers. I could not stan harder,” one Big Brother fan tweeted.

More than halfway through the season, both Tiffany Mitchell and Xavier Prather expressed that they would be glad to lose to Hannah, who social media is calling a “strategic beast.” But Chaddha may have just stunted her chances of winning the $750,000 prize. So, what happened to Hannah Chaddha’s arm?

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