Why Does Big D Say ‘I Sadly to Evote’ on ‘Big Brother’? Is It a Mistake?

It’s not clear why Big D. says “I sadly to evote” instead of “I vote to evict.” It could be an accident he’s gone on with, or maybe he really isn’t looking forward to evicting anyone, so he doesn’t say those words. He has become known for this now, and some are hoping no one corrects him. The show’s host, Julie Chen Moonves, did bring it up once, but it didn’t change anything.

On Reddit, some fans are calling it a “harmless joke” that can bring a small laugh to the viewers. “I really hope this just gets more ridiculous, every time until eventually, he’s like ‘I Whitney evote hi Julie sadly,'” one user posted. Another user said they don’t think he realizes it, and it’s a mistake.

But others feel like there’s no way Big D isn’t saying this on purpose now. “Someone in production needs to teach Derek F how to say ‘vote to evict’ because I’m tired of hearing him say ‘sadly I to evote’ EVERY WEEK,” said one Twitter user. Another user is asking Julie to ask Big D to stop. “PLEASE 😩😩😩”

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