Why Nikki Haley’s Comment About Afghanistan Has The Internet Seeing Red

While the former UN ambassador might appear to have abandoned the positions her administration took over Afghanistan, Twitter wasn’t about to let her off the hook. As a member of the Twitterverse put it, “Nikki acts like the previous things you said can’t be found on the internet. She also has no shame. Taken together she just plays herself by popping off all the time.” Another social media user said, “I hate to point this out, but it was the last administration that started negotiating with the Taliban. If that was an effort to drag out withdrawal, keep the Taliban at the table so they wouldn’t fight U.S. and allied forces, that is one thing. But it wasn’t.”

A third user took to Twitter to remind Nikki Haley of comments she had made about the situation in the past. “No matter how jarring your hypocrisy, Nikki-you’ll never be elected president. This *is* you, correct?” before posting a comment made by Haley stating, “The U.S. policy on Afghanistan is working. We are seeing that we are closer to talks with the Taliban and the peace process than we’ve seen before.”

A fourth said, “Cool story. Niks. just curious, when Trump was arranging for 5,000 Taliban warriors to be released from prison, was that a ‘negotiation?’ or did he just skip to the end and say yes without getting anything in return?”

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