Will Asks Kyra To Be His Girlfriend — What Changed?!

Love Island USA Season 3 is set to end soon. The remaining four couples went on their final dates on the Friday episode. Some of them want to take their relationship to the next level. They will have to figure out the logistics involved with long-distance relationships.

Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama were coupled up since the beginning. Though they were together, they didn’t make their relationship official until recently. Will didn’t want to put a label on their relationship. Kyra also had trust issues since Will confessed to kissing Florence Mueller at Casa Amor.

What changed?

Will made it clear to Kyra that he didn’t want to rush. A few episodes ago, Kyra asked to consider the status of their relationship. She also questioned his intentions, since the girls warned her about him. Will said he doesn’t want to rush things between them. Kyra wasn’t happy with Will’s response but still stuck with them as their journey comes to an end on Love Island USA.

Will since had a change of heart. He realized that labeling their relationship is important to Kyra. He asked her to be his girlfriend during their date on a yacht. It didn’t take long for Kyra to say yes. She revealed that she never pressured him into changing his mind.

Then Will apologized for the way he behaved during Casa Amor. Kyra forgot about that time and agreed to be his girlfriend. Fans have a feeling that Will only asked so they could win the show. He might have his eye on the $100,000 grand prize, not Kyra herself.


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Love Island USA fans notice red flags

With each passing episode, Love Island USA fans couldn’t help but notice how Will treats Kyra and the other girls in the villa. His behavior hasn’t won over fans. He had a strong connection with Florence. Some could sense the chemistry between them.

Some noticed how toxic their relationship became. Will became increasingly controlling when the girls warned Kyra about him. Some feel that Kyra should leave Will. Others criticized her for giving him a pass and pretending everything is fine between them.

Will the couple “break up” after the show ends?

Love Island USA fans don’t have a good feeling about the future of Will and Kyra’s relationship. They have a feeling they won’t last outside the villa. Some have a feeling that Will and Kyra will “break up.” They noticed that Kyra looked upset every time she continued to forgive Will and carried on with their relationship.

They have a feeling that he will dump her as soon as filming ends. There is a possibility that Will could reconnect with Florence. Fans already think that Will and Kyra were only on the show for the money. There are still rumors that the couple already knew each other.

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]

What are your thoughts on Will and Kyra? What do you think of Will asking Kyra to be his girlfriend? Do you think the two will last? Sound off below in the comments.

The Love Island USA Season 3 finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS

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