Will continue to search for Brian Laundrie in Carlton Reserve on Saturday


Law enforcement agencies are expected to return to the Carlton Reserve on Saturday to continue searching for Brian Laundry, who has been accused of debit card fraud in connection with Gabby Petit’s death.

Northport City spokesman Josh Taylor said the Northport Police Department will focus on more likely areas within the reserve.

On Friday, police officers answered Laundry’s house after a stranger reported a phone call fired there. But the police did not find anything.

Taylor said the phone would be investigated to see if it was a “swatting” case. This is a prank call that brings a large number of police officers to a particular address.

Saturday is the seventh day searchers are looking for a 23-year-old laundromat. An arrest warrant was issued to Laundry on Thursday.

The search for Brian Laundry will continue on Saturday in the Carlton Reserve. (Credit: Northport Police Station)

“From our personnel perspective, I think we’re working on this case instead of others,” Taylor said. “Of course, it has an effect.”

The department does not aggregate search costs, but Taylor said executive overtime would be a factor, not just the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance.

But the community has been strengthened.

“Almost every meal we ate in PD was made or donated by a family,” Taylor said. “All meals for people working in the field have been donated by generous citizens and businesses. There is a special community.”

Wildlife tour guide Jamie Hook is looking for clues in the swamp. Fuchs is familiar with about 70 miles of the Myakka River near the Carlton Reserve.

He also wants to help end the case.

“He’s not used to those forests out there,” Fuchs said of the laundromat. “They are very wet. They don’t eat a lot. It’s not really safe at this point due to the concentration of gators in some areas as hotspots.”

Hook didn’t come across anything that could be linked to a laundromat.

The crew is fully equipped and looking for a spare 12 hours a day.

Joe Husserl, commander of the Northport Police Department, said the arrest warrant issued to Laundry on Thursday did not change his team’s search.

Fassel said they worked as hard as they found him from day one.

“We cover this area as much as possible,” Fussell said. “These guys are working really hard. They are ready to come and go here every day. It’s hot, it’s hot. It’s wet, but they’re working really hard.”

As the search continues in Florida, family and friends gather in New York to recall 22-year-old Petit, whose body was found in Grand Teton National Park on September 19.

Photo of Gabby Petit and her boyfriend / fiancé before her disappearance

During the summer, Laundrie and Petito traveled across national parks in a modified motorhome owned by Petito.

The family began to worry about Petit after she had not contacted her in the first week of September.

Laundry returned to his home in Northport on September 1 without Petit, but the two were still in the van. Meanwhile, Petito was reported missing on September 11.

Due to her disappearance and subsequent investigation, national media came to Northport.

Petito was a blogger who was working on setting up a website while recording a couple’s trips. The couple’s Instagram account portrayed the magic of travel, Some points to police body camera footage showing that the relationship is not perfect and may include domestic violence.

One of the issues between the two was that they didn’t believe what the laundromat was doing. She spoke to police in Moab, Utah, on August 12, after the public battle led to 911 calls from witnesses.

Just a month later, her body was recovered.

Tip: If you have information about the murder of Gabby Petito or the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie, you can call 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324) or send tips online. fbi.gov/tips..

Will continue to search for Brian Laundry in Carlton Reserve on Saturday

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