Will There Be a Sequel to the 2010 Comic Book Film?

The 2010 comic book adaptation The Losers has appeared on US Netflix, starring a handful of familiar faces from the MCU and DCEU.

Directed by Sylvain White, the action-packed feature is a strange concoction of A-listers that fans are lapping up, but with these actors tied to current projects, is there even the possibility of a sequel?

THE SUICIDE SQUAD – Official Trailer



THE SUICIDE SQUAD – Official Trailer






What is The Losers About?

Based on the DC comic book series by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Jock, The Losers revolves around a top-tier black-ops team dubbed as ‘the losers.”

The team is made up of five specialists who undertake an operation in Bolivia, but when the mission turns sour, they are forced to lay low until a mysterious woman offers them to be a part of a suicide mission against the CIA.

In addition to the similarities between The Losers and The Suicide Squad, Idris Elba is on hand to play the team’s captain Rogue. Well-known faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe include Chris Evans as Jensen and Zoe Saldana as Aisha, who play Captain America and Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. The Walking Dead and Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also in the roster playing Clay.

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Will There Be a Sequel to the 2010 Comic Book Film?

  • Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that The Losers will ever receive a sequel.

Surrounding its release, eleven years ago, it appeared as though The Losers was set to become a franchise of its own. However, the box office profits were nothing to write home about, despite the production breaking even.

Morgan once commented on the film’s nosedive, saying that “the ball was dropped” when it came to the adaptation’s marketing. Reviews were also distinctly average for The Losers, despite its stellar ensemble and comical dialogue.

The Losers also existed in a time when comic book adaptations were still trying to find their place in the market, and now that the MCU and DCEU is so well established, a sequel seems very unlikely – unless it is delivered in the form of a reboot with new actors.

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