Woman baffles with advert for ‘breeding’ partner as she searches for sperm donor

An advert for a “breeding” partner has gone viral with many lads wondering “what’s in it for the guy?”

The woman who wants kids took to Facebook to search for a sperm donor and encouraged men to apply via the Messenger app.

She is on the quest for someone aged between 16 and 25 as she said they mustn’t drink, except in church.

And the female won’t be keen on the baby daddy if he has used any prescription drugs in the past.

The advert even states the successful applicant won’t be paid for “breeding” sessions and they must give up all paternal rights.

Now an image of the post has been shared on Reddit.

Her advert on Facebook was then shared on Reddit

It read: “Hi everyone! I’m looking for a natural sperm donor meeting these requirements.

“Age 16-23. Never used any prescription or illicit drugs. Never drank except for communion. Blonde or light brown hair.

“Not overweight and comes from a 75% plus American background. Agrees to forfeit all parental rights at time of birth.

“No payment will be collected during any natural ‘breeding’ sessions.”

She added: “Regular child support payments in the amount of 20% of your income will be expected within the first month of birth.

“You will remain completely anonymous through the child’s 18 years of life.

“You would be expected to maintain the same level of anonymity with anyone around you.

“Please reach out to me through Messenger for more information. Thank you!”

Woman in bed with a man
The woman is on the hunt for a ‘breeding’ partner

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Since the image was shared on the online forum, Reddit users were quick to share their thoughts on the situation.

One social media user said: “Don’t let this opportunity get away. Sign me in!”

Another added: “I don’t get what’s in it for the guy.”

While a third wrote: “When entitled people don’t realise the world doesn’t revolve around them. She will find out soon I suppose.”

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