Woman booted off flight for smoking because she’d had a ‘long day’

Smoking has been banned on US planes for more than 30 years yet, occasionally, this seems to slip some people’s minds.

Indeed, a woman was kicked off a plane just last week after lighting up in a crowded cabin.

The culprit was filmed by TikTok user Beatrix Trifonova as they sat aboard a Spirit Airlines flight which had reportedly just touched down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The recording shows the unidentified woman with her face mask pulled down, taking a drag from the freshly lit cigarette.

In a caption to the clip, Trifonova explained that they had just landed and were on the runway when the woman decided to have a smoke.

A passenger can be heard confronting her saying: “Excuse me? Can you not smoke cigarettes right now?”

Baffled as she continues, they then repeat themselves, saying: “Oh my gosh, excuse me. Are you f***ing kidding right now?”

The smoker then responds to her critics with a largely inaudible slur, which has been widely translated as: “It’s been a long day.”

To make matters worse, the woman was apparently smoking around another passenger suffering from asthma.

The alleged victim, Alexa Majdalawi, told Fox News that the rule-breaker was puffing the cigarette in her face and even “turning around to blow it.” Majdawali added that she eventually reported the incident to the aircraft’s crew.

“Flight attendants noticed the odor, and the other guests were quick to point out who was responsible and hand over what remained of the extinguished cigarette,” a Spirit Airlines spokesperson told the Miami Herald. “Our crew summoned law enforcement officers to have them waiting at the gate to remove the passenger.”

In a follow-up clip posted by Trifonova, titled ‘This is what happens when you smoke on a plane’, policemen can be seen waking up the woman (who had fallen asleep) and informing her she was being ejected from the aircraft.

A caption to the recording states that she “denied smoking in front of the flight attendants and they found the cigarette in her empty cup…”

Trifonova added: “The woman next to her told us she had a double vodka cranberry during the flight.”

She was finally escorted off by deputies working for the Broward Sheriff’s Office Airport District who said that she’d complied with instructions and no arrests were made, Fox News reports.

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