Woman causes stir with risqué outfit for grandpa’s funeral – but she doesn’t see issue

A woman has caused a stir online after sharing photos of the outfit she planned on wearing to her grandfather’s funeral as the dress was rather risqué for the occasion

The woman wants to wear what she feels best in

Everyone has the right to wear what they like and dress to their own tastes, we all know this.

But there are certain situations where clothes should be appropriate for the occasion if possible – such as weddings where no one but the bride should be wearing white, unless explicitly told it was ok.

Another time where dress code might be an issue is at a funeral.

Traditionally, those attending funerals wear black formal wear because they are in mourning, but some may want guests at their funeral to dress in bright colours to celebrate their life.

Regardless of the colour of the garments, you might not expect to see many risqué outfits at a funeral – but this is exactly what one woman claimed she was going to wear to mark her grandad’s passing, reports Birmingham Live.

She claimed her grandad would ‘approve’



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A social media photo has been doing the rounds on Reddit, which shows an unknown woman wearing a short, strapless fishnet dress with thigh-high stockings.

She also appears to be holding some kind of chain leash in her hand, attached to a collar around her neck.

Alongside the picture, the woman posted: “Today’s my grandfather’s funeral and yes I’m going dressed in this outfit, and no I don’t give a f*** about what people may think bc (because) at the end of the day even tho [sic] it’s a sad day I have the right to dress how I feel and tbh (to be honest) if you have got it flaunt it.

“Plus if my grandfather were still alive I’d know he’d approve.”

The images were met with a lot of criticism and backlash, with some arguing that her outfit was going to make others “uncomfortable”.

One person said: “I get what you’re saying and stuff but sometimes you have to take into account other people’s opinions and feelings.

“People are there to pay respects to your grandfather and do you really feel good about making them feel uncomfortable when it’s already a really terrible occasion?”

Another wrote: “That’s just plain disrespectful.”

Despite this, the woman didn’t see any issue with her choice of attire for the funeral at hit back at negative comments, adding: “This day isn’t about other people’s feelings tho [sic] hahaha. It’s about my grandad.”

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