Woman chases man out of store after she caught him filming her

A woman who claims she allegedly caught a fellow shopper “crouching down behind” while filming her has exposed the stranger in a number of TikTok’s.

During a shopping trip to a Ross department store, TikToker @gretchennweenie captured the moment she confronted the man and demanded him delete his recordings.

But it was the aftermath of the confrontation that went viral which showed the man promptly headed for the store’s exit. Meanwhile, the TikToker is heard notifying staff members of what had happened.

Perhaps, flustered by the situation the man was so keen to leave that he forgot he was still holding a candle that he allegedly hadn’t paid for.

“Excuse me, he was recording me and he has a bunch of videos of me,” she says and adds text to the video that reads: “This guy was so scared of me he didn’t notice he was stealing a candle.”

This video has since between viewed over 680,000 times, with 83,000 likes.

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Previous footage from the incident also features on @gretchennweenie’s page, as she filmed herself approaching the man and demanding he deletes the video’s he allegedly took of her.

One post shows the woman demanding to see the man’s phone while another customer claims to have seen the man taking pictures of the TikToker and can be heard saying, “Yes you were, I saw you.”

In another post, the woman asks: “Let me see,” and tells the stranger: “That is so uncomfortable that you are doing that.”

The man replies: “My bad…I’ll delete them OK,” as he is seen selecting a number of videos on his phone. The TikToker says, “Delete all of them and I will report you, what’s your name?”

The man does not reveal his identity but continues to look at his phone as she says, “You’re f***ing sick, dude. You’re sick.”

The camera then pans to the man’s phone, to show he’s deleting the clips, and when the man begins to walk away the TikToker follows him and continues to berate him.

“This guy was f***ing recording me, f***ing sicko,” and warns she will report him for his actions.

Indy100 has contacted Ross for comment.

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