Woman defies bullies who called her ‘contagious’ by baring eczema in swimsuit

A woman proudly bared her eczema to raise awareness for the common condition.

After years of being bullied due to her dry and cracked skin, Karina Irby has learned to embrace it.

In a defiant snap posted on Eczema Awareness Day, the 31-year-old bared her body in a leopard print swimsuit.

She captioned the image: “I got teased SO heavily in school because no one knew what eczema was or what it can look like.

“It was that bad parents were calling the school asking that their children not play with with ‘contiguous’ spotty girl.

“Growing up in a world like this was very upsetting and challenging both mentally and physically.”

Karina Irby proudly bared her eczema in a leopard print bikini

The swimwear designer, from Australia, wants to normalise having conditions like eczema.

She added: “I’m proud that now I have the confidence to help promote what having eczema is like and how common it actually is.”

Karina also promoted a free webinar where she spoke to dermatologists about eczema and its symptoms.

Her post garnered more than 41,300 likes and dozens of comments of support.

One responder wrote: “I know so many people who can relate to this post. Love it!”

Karina Irby
Karina’s swimwear snap made a splash on Instagram

Another said: “We love a skin confident queen.

“Also appreciate that you assure us that it’s OK to have flare ups and down days! Just a part of being human.”

A third commented: “Happy National Eczema Day from my itchy son and itchy self.”

And a fourth added: “Thank you for being the role model we all need.”

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