Woman dumped boyfriend after Christmas dinner revelations – including attempted murder

A woman has revealed she broke up with her boyfriend after horrifying red flags emerged – including a revelation from his parents that he was charged with attempted murder

A woman has revealed the three red flags that finally persuaded her to break up with her boyfriend.

She told how she spent Christmas with his family and while there his parents started telling her facts about him that she had no idea about.

Horrified, she was forced to end the relationship after revelations of animal abuse and attempted murder.

The woman, named Ally, posted a video on TikTok where she explained the situation.

“At Christmas dinner, his parents started talking about how he used to kill cats as a kid and how they couldn’t have kittens they had to get an older cat because he would kill them,” she said.

“And then, this is the fun part, I found out that he had been arrested for attempted murder when he was 15.

“We’re dating at 28, this is 14 years later and suddenly everything makes sense and all of these weird suspicions I had, boom. I got out two months later and I don’t regret a thing.”

Her boyfriend’s parents told her he was once charged with attempted murder

She said the things his parents told her gave her an “epiphany” that she had to leave him.

Ally and her ex had met when she moved back to her hometown in 2018 and started working in the same restaurant as him.

“He was one of the first people who was really nice to me and despite the fact that he seemed not super well-off, he was really skinny and didn’t eat much, I liked him,” she explained.

“He was friends with a few of my friends so we would all play board games after work and it was nice.

“I didn’t see anything weird about him and everyone was encouraging me to hang out with him, nobody had bad things to say about him at that point.”

But soon the cracks started to show, with Ally’s boyfriend regularly asking her for money, running into hundreds of dollars.

Ally’s ex would steal money from her and never cough up for anything
Ally had an “epiphany” and realised she’d had enough
“While I was on a hiking trip he double cashed a check and called me and was like ‘I need money right now I double cashed this check and they know I did and I’ve run out of money’,” she said.

“During this time his car also broke down and he needed a tow truck and I was only gone for four days but I sent him money and paid all of it while also trying to buy food and stuff while on the road.”

He then claimed he could not afford his rent anymore and so they moved in together and Ally paid for everything.

“When we got his apartment I paid for everything. I paid first and last rent, [I paid for] damage, I paid for most of the furniture we had and within 48 hours I was like what the f*** did I sign up to,” she said.

She said he would never help around the house and would stay up all night playing video games.

Ally also realised that when her ex would go to get food shopping, he would ask her for the money back – but would ask for quadruple the total of the bill and pocket the remainder.

Other red flags included his reluctance to bond with animals, while her parents’ dog would always bark at him as if it knew there was something not right.

But Ally got chills when her ex’s words became violent.

“One day we were talking about what they’d do if we broke up and he said ‘I will take everything you own and throw it off our third-floor balcony, I will take your car and crash it, I will leave you hurt,'” she said.

When she finally decided to leave, his own family helped her.

“He is just very unwell,” she added.

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