Woman fuming after note brands her ‘selfish’ for ‘taking up too much parking space’

If you’ve ever struggled to find adequate parking near your home you’ll know that there are few situations which spark such rage in us Brits.

Whether you have to park on the other end of the road or can’t squeeze in between two badly parked cars it’s enough to drive you up the wall.

But, most of us also know that our own parking isn’t always on point.

Such was the case for Danielle Hopkins, from Gravesend, Kent, who recently got into a disagreement regarding her parking.

She returned to her car one day to find that someone had left a nasty note on the windscreen.

The letter dubbed her a “A-hole” for the way she had parked her vehicle.

The note was stuck to her windscreen
(Image: Facebook)


The note reads: “Your parking is inconsiderate and selfish. Park up to the double yellow so there is enough space for two more cars instead of one and a half.

“Really? You live on this road and must know how difficult it is to find space.

“THINK. Don’t be an A-Hole.”

The letter was accompanied by an angry face drawn beneath the words.

After getting the note, Danielle took to social media to try and hunt down the sender – and she wasn’t pleased.

On a Facebook group for the local community, she said: “Whoever left this note on my car, instead of being a d**k and not leaving a name.

Danielle was trying to keep her car safe
Danielle was trying to keep her car safe
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“Be a real ‘considerate’ person and talk to me about it. Because if you had, I would have told you why it was parked like that.

“There was literally a space of two feet from the line to my car, so you would not have been able to fit another two cars there.”

She added that she had parked there because she didn’t want to risk her car getting hit as it has been in the past.

And, most commenters sided with the angry woman.

One person said: “Why do people think and act like they ‘own’ their little stretch of road outside their home?”

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