Woman gives 17-page relationship contract to boyfriend demanding gifts and dates

We all have things that we want out of a relationship – with some of us struggling to communicate that with our partners.

So one woman has written up a 17-page “relationship contract” with her boyfriend.

They decided to make the commitment after having met just two weeks before on Tinder.

Annie Wright, 21, decided to pen the contract after coming out of a previous “toxic relationship” as she wanted to “figure out how to make dating work again”.

In the lengthy contract, the girlfriend demanded that her boyfriend should pay for date nights, buy her flowers at least twice a month and work out five times a week.

Annie met her boyfriend Michael Head, 23, on Tinder last October and soon came to the conclusion that he was “her person”.

Annie and Michael have been together for almost a year thanks to their “relationship contract”
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Not wanting to fall back into a bad relationship, Annie joked that the pair should write down their “terms and conditions” for dating.

Michael, 23, eagerly agreed to this unusual dating method.

Shortly after, risk management and insurance student Annie and law student Michael sat down and read out their own rules for the relationship.

Annie described her relationship as a “business interaction” and said that the pair deal with “conflict like partners in business would.”

They even presented the contracts to each other like a scene out of “The Apprentice.”

Annie Wright and Michael Head
The students believe they have found the perfect way to have a successful relationship
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The terms included asking for “a romantic gesture once every two weeks” and “working out at least five times a week alone”.

Annie listed some of the agreements her and Micheal came to, explaining: “I don’t think he’d think to give me gifts but now every time he goes to a gas station, he gets me flowers.

“He likes quality time, so I wake up and go to the gym with him. Even though most of the time I’m doing nothing, he enjoys chit-chatting.

“I don’t like it when people pry – I’ll talk when I’m ready and I like to get my words together.”

Other clauses included, “no silent treatment” and Micheal having to pay for date night.

However, Annie has stated that the “biggest” contract term is that “we don’t treat issues like one person is to blame ever”.

Annie Wright
Annie is now happy with Michael after getting out of a “toxic relationship”
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She said: “It could be partially his fault and partially me being sensitive, or him being sensitive and partially my tone.”

Annie credits the long winded 17-page contract to the success of their relationship with having been together for a year next month.

The pair are even thinking about holding a “yearly review” with Annie claiming they update the document every six months to search for areas of “improvement”.

The business minded girlfriend admitted: “I bet he writes ‘I want you to take your shoes off when you come into my apartment’ because I always forget that.”

Annie believes that the long contract should be a common thing in relationships.

She added: “This has been a game changer. I’d recommend all couples have one. It’s the best thing ever.

“We treat our relationship almost like a business interaction. We deal with conflict like partners in business would. We sit down and treat it more like we’re partners in life and love is an added bonus.”

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