Woman leaves avocado seed in dark for months and is stunned as it takes over home

A woman has shared her avocado growing mishap on TikTok – amusing fans on the video sharing app.

TikToker user @___chels___ looks absolutely gobsmacked in the clip, where she says: “When you let your avocado seed grow in your apartment for four months with no sun.”

She shows off the results of her attempt at growing an avocado plant indoors with no light for months.

Chels added: “I wasn’t at my apartment for four months to check up on my propagated avocado seed – and I came back to THIS.”

Hilariously, the avocado seed has managed to do pretty well considering there was no sunlight in the flat.

The avocado grew to lofty heights when Chels was away!

It had managed to protrude itself out of the plastic bottle extending all the way to the ceiling!

The original TikTok user provided people with an update on the funny clip: “Update: there’s a little green stem at the top I’m probably gonna cut it.”

One user jokingly commented: “ITS TRYING TO FIND THE SUN”

Another user shared a similar incident adding: “My roommate did this with green onions and it almost took over the kitchen.”

The seed had a major growth spurt despite there being no light

Avocado growing
It stretched all the way up to the ceiling

A third person wrote: “That avocado is going to find the sun no matter what.”

And a fourth added: “This is a testament to the perseverance of plants. What a determined stick.”

The viral clip has now racked up 12.8 million views and has got over 1.9 million likes… not bad for a single avocado seed!

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