Woman moves to Germany for boyfriend, he does this to make her comfortable

Content creator Uyen Ninh shared a video along with a descriptive caption explaining her story.

Love, in its simplest explanation, means appreciating someone and walking that extra mile to see a smile on their face. A video shared on Instagram by content creator Uyen Ninh shows how her boyfriend did the same when she moved from Vietnam to Germany to be with him. This is a video that may make you say “aww” and that too repeatedly.

Along with the sweet video, Ninh also shared a descriptive caption about her move from her home country to a different one.

“After 3 years of long distance relationship, we decided that it would be better if I came to Germany for studying, instead of him moving to Vietnam. So I packed my stuff, hugged my friends and family and got on the plane. I knew that me and him fit very well together, but still I also had some worries. What if after living together, things didn’t work out? What would I do in Germany with no friends or family, after living my life in Vietnam behind? (Yes yes I know I was very dramatic, but I was scared and overthinking a lot)” she wrote.

Then she explained how after arriving at his house the first thing she saw was “a table full of Vietnamese cooking stuff.” And that is what the video shows.

The caption ends with the lines “That’s when I knew it’d work out at the end, because this man would do everything he could to take care of me and make me happy, and I wasn’t wrong.”

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The video, since being shared a few days ago, has accumulated more than 8.8 lakh likes and the numbers are only increasing. It has also accumulated tons of appreciative and sweet comments from netizens.

“I think you had very reasonable concerns. I’m sure leaving your country wasn’t easy. But it’s so sweet to see how he did his best to help you feel instantly at home,” shared an Instagram user. “I’m not crying you’re crying,” expressed another. “AWWWW MY HEART UYEN! That’s so sweet and I’m so happy for you!” commented a third.

What are your thoughts on the video and the sweet love story?

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