Woman reveals four-year-old sister’s AMAZING skills with £20 kids’ Dyson & after copying professional ‘hoover lines

LITTLE sisters are showing off their cleaning skills as they reenact the videos they have seen on their big sis’s social media.

A four-year-old and a 10-year-old show how they create perfect carpet lines with toy Dyson hoover and how they fold clothes to perfection.


Little girl reenacts cleaning she saw on TikTokCredit: @cleaninghackss3/Tiktok

The post titled “Show my younger sisters plenty of love! #hooverlines” and shows the 10-year-old vacuuming the floor with a Dyson hoover while the four-year-old uses her toy dupe to copy her.

“My younger sisters want to show you their hoover lines” captions the latest TikTok video, which has had over 26 K views.

Adding “Look at my sister’s mini Dyson. Just look at those hoover lines.”

In the comments section, many people were quick to admire the cleaning skills of the young girls.

“So cute, you have thought them well” joked one person.

“Love hoover lines” commented another.

In another post on the @Cleaninghackss3 channel, the four-year-old is shown folding a blanket carefully to ensure it is perfect.

In the post, the captions read “My four-year-old sister has been watching my TikTik videos and asked me can she show everyone her trick to folding blankets.”

Adding: “Bless her she is so cute, she is trying not to make any mistakes.”

In the post that has over 34 K views, the social media platform users praised the young girl for what a good job she did.

“She folds blankets better than me and I fold blankets for work constantly. Good work kid” commented one person.

Another Tiktok user said: “She has folded this absolutely perfectly.”

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Four-year-old works hard to ensure her folding is perfect


Four-year-old works hard to ensure her folding is perfectCredit: @cleaninghackss3/Tiktok
The video of two little sisters is adorable


The video of two little sisters is adorableCredit: @cleaninghackss3/Tiktok

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