Woman says she’ll ‘never shop alone’ after husband points out carpet’s awkward design flaw

NOT trying to be dramatic – but picking out a new carpet for your home is a big decision and one that sets the tone of the whole room.

So when TikTok user Taylor Brannon finally settled on a cream-and-bronze design, she couldn’t wait to see how it would look.

Taylor says she now can’t ‘unsee’ the design flawCredit: @mommatay21/Tiktok

Although people assumed the family dog had been let loose on the carpet, Taylor insisted it was supposed to look this way


Although people assumed the family dog had been let loose on the carpet, Taylor insisted it was supposed to look this way credit: @mommatay21/Tiktok.

That is until her husband savagely pointed out the rude design flaw she’d managed to miss in-store.

In a viral video that’s racked up over 137,000 “likes,” Taylor joked that she’d never go shopping without her partner by her side again.

She wrote: “So I bought this new carpet, and my husband says it looks like poop was smeared into it, and now I can’t unsee it…”

The video opens with Taylor lying on the floor and pondering her interior decisions before zooming in on the rug in question.

Although most of the rug is cream with a trendy swirl pattern, we can’t help but agree with Taylor’s husband that the bronze splatters do look slightly questionable.

She captioned the clip: “This is what I get for going shopping alone, lol.”

Needless to say, the millions of people who have seen the clip also can’t “unsee” the design flaw.

One replied: “Not to be mean… but out of all the choices. Why??”

Another added: “Yeah, I think this one needs to be returned.”

Meanwhile, a third joked: “Bestie did you buy this blindfolded?!”

Although others speculated if Taylor’s dog had actually been let loose on the rug with muddy paws, she insisted that she’d specifically chosen the pattern.

When one viewer asked if it was meant to look that way, she replied: “The picture looked different, but I guess so.

“I totally agree with my husband; it was a waste of money.”

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