Woman shares disgusting pictures of grim toilets at Creamfields festival

The UK summer brings lots of things to get excited about; seaside visits, the weather (well not this year) and festivals.

British summer festivals have always been on the grungier side, usually filled with mud and the cause of a very long hangover.

Arguably, the portaloos are always the worst addition to any UK festival with thousands of festival goers having to share the same toilets over a long hot weekend.

And apparently, the Cheshire festival, Creamfields, was not an exception to this rule.

Twitter user @squidwhud claimed to have found a disgusting discovery that has equally left people in shock and in hysterics.

The grim Twitter post pictured the toilets at a Creamfields festival campsite this last bank holiday weekend.

Festival season kicked off with a number of music gigs happening over the bank holiday weekend

They captioned the post: “If I pay for a silver ticket for better toilets and showers, why were there portaloos (the same as standard) that were in this condition day 1 of the 3 I was there.”

In the pictures there were three revolting toilets covered and clogged with toilet paper and smeared with poo.

Even worse, one toilet became victim to a very large human stool alongside a can of Strongbow cider.

Creamfields posted on their website that their Silver ticket package boasted “proper toilets, hot showers and a pamper parlour”.

According to their website, the Silver package starts at £255 and could set you back a whole £310 if you decided to camp for the four whole days.

The original poster of the tweet continued: “Festivals are messy by nature. But this was something else. Big health hazard if anything. Needs sorting. Otherwise I had a sick time.”

People quickly rushed to the Twitter comments of the original post to share their disgust at the state of toilets.

One user commented on the post: “I’m convinced people do this on purpose just to inconvenience everyone else, because how are you actually missing the toilet???”

Toilet at Creamfields
The photos were shared on social media

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Another claimed: “It was the same in bronze. We had people coming over from silver/gold because theirs were so bad.”

A third person declared that they had been put off of camping: “Right, you can forget about me camping if this is what silver is like. I will be kipping in a hotel.”

Daily Star has contacted Creamfields for comment.

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