Woman stunned as delivery driver ‘saves her life’ with warning over door number

A delivery driver went viral after a video of her dispensing some “life-saving” advice to a customer while dropping off her packages went viral, with many praising the worker

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TikTok user receives life saving advice from delivery driver

After the last 18 months, delivery drivers globally deserve a pay rise.

During the pandemic, they became some of the most highly valued members of society, working dusk to dawn to make sure people received their packages.

Now one Amazon delivery driver has gone viral after they went the extra mile – by dispensing some life-saving advice to a customer while dropping off the packages.

Jessica Huseman, who had just moved into the house, shared the video of the moment she captured on her doorbell, where it racked up more than two million views.

In it, the driver called Chelsea can be heard advising: “Hello Jennifer, I hope your Monday is going well.

Chelsea was praised for taking the time to warn the owner



The video went viral



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“You have no markers on your house that saw what number you are and that [makes it] hard to find your house, my dude, and it unsafe, honestly.

“What if you needed medical assistance and the paramedics didn’t know your town well, come on man. Have a great day.”

Jessica explained: “We just moved in and this happened today, she’s not wrong though. I need to get some house numbers.”

The video went viral – with many praising the driver for taking the time to share the important message.

One viewer commented: “Retired pandemic here. She is 100% correct. Protect yourself and get some large numbers on your house and mailbox if it’s out front.

“Spray the number on your curb too.”

Another commented: “LOL she dropped some knowledge, the package and a tune! Respectable.”

A third added: “When I’m given criticism, I wish it was always in song form. Or possibly interpretive dance.”

“This is a person who cares about people, we need more of her,” another wrote.

Following the video, Jessica said she immediately bought house numbers and stickers and hit back at people who criticised Chelsea’s outfit.

And she explained that the former resident of the property was called Jennifer and the package was for her.

She added: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, just scroll on. She is delivering packages and doing a great job and helping people.”

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