Woman suffers wardrobe malfunction on London Eye and leaves everyone in stitches

A woman went viral after sharing a video of the outfit she wore for a touristy day out.

The lass, who posts under the name @alyxmeade, shared her outfit mishap on TikTok after visiting the London Eye.

Her clip, titled “Green screen doing me dirty”, has racked up 1.2 million views and got more than 126,000 likes.

The TikToker starts off by walking through London showing off what she thought was a perfectly styled outfit.

Donning a white crop top, green bicycle shorts and a matching bag, she tells TikTok, “When you think your green outfit is cute but you want to go on the London Eye.”

The next clip shows the glamorous woman smiling yet completely unaware that her legs and bag are missing in the photo.

The TikToker headed into London for some sight-seeing
(Image: TikTok/@alyxmeade)

Unfortunately for the woman, she forgot the green screen would erase anything green in the picture and leave her legs invisible!

Following the blunder, some TikTok users expressed their confusion at her floating body.

One asked: “Can you explain I literally do not get this???”

The original poster commented back to clarify her mishap, saying: “So before you go on the London eye they take a green screen photo so it looks like you’re on the London Eye with a cute background.”

TikTok London Eye fail
The green screen mishap went viral on TikTok
(Image: TikTok/@alyxmeade)

Fellow TikTokers raced to the comments to join in with the joke and to express their gratitude over the warning of not wearing green.

One user said: “I’m in London now so thanks for this tip cos I won’t be wearing green.”

Another commenter explained she is in a similar situation adding: “I’m about to go to the London Eye in full green from the neck down.”

A third user added: “ The outfit was cute though.”

It’s safe to say we may be seeing an influx of floating bodies around London soon!

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