Woman tries PrettyLittleThing jumper but ends up ‘looking like Slenderman’

Jumper season is upon us as British summertime makes way for Autumn.

So to prepare for the chill, TikTok user @evielaureng decided to pick up cosy clothing early.

She took to popular online retailer PrettyLittleThing to purchase a new jumper.

In the viral clip that now has 680,000 views and 56,000 likes, Evie looks unsatisfied with her head resting in her hand.

She shakes her head and captions the video: “Na because PLT wtf is this.”

Then, we get to see what Evie thought that she was purchasing – a block coloured pastel jumper with long sleeves and a chunky knit.

Evie was not impressed with the product she received

While Evie hoped the jumper was the exact resemblance of that on the model, the product she received wasn’t quite what she expected.

The jumper on the model was slightly oversized that offered a comfy oversized effect.

However, hilariously Evie is absolutely swamped by the jumper as the arms extend way past where her arms end.

Evie sarcastically captioned the video: “I want an actual apology from Molly-Mae”.

Her joke comes as the reality star and influencer has been newly appointed the Creative Director of the online fashion giant.

pastel coloured jumper on model
The PLT jumper Evie thought she was getting…

oversized jumper with long arms
At least Evie will be warm this winter

One user even compared the jumper to horror favourite “Slenderman”.

People quickly flooded the comment section on the popular TikTok clip to share their relatable situations with the exact same jumper.

One user commented that they had experienced the same blunder with the jumper: “I got the grey one in the smallest size and it was double the size of me. They take oversized to the extreme.”

Another customer was put off by Evie’s video and stated: “I had this in the basket , so glad I didn’t proceed to check out.”

Whilst a third person added: “Haha I got the same and it was massive. It’s on my depop now.”

Evie replied: “ I honestly feel like I’ve been robbed.”

Well on the bright side, at least Evie’s arms won’t be cold this winter!

Daily Star contacted PrettyLittleThing for comment.

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