Woman urged to divorce husband as he demands half the profits from her business
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Woman urged to divorce husband as he demands half the profits from her business

A woman is being encouraged to divorce her husband after he suddenly started demanding 50 percent of the profits from her business, despite having nothing to do with it

People on Reddit warned her to a second look at her relationship

In marriage, we promise to love our partners in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, but one woman has found herself being asked for more than she bargained for when she tied the knot with her hubby.

In fact, some people have gone as far as urging her to divorce her husband, after he asked for half of all the profits she makes from her very own business venture.

To provide some context, the woman, who also has a full-time job working from home, recently decided to put her gardening skills to good use, by growing flowers in her back garden, before arranging them into beautiful bouquets and selling them on.

“When I brought my business idea up with my husband he said this was the worst idea ever, adding this would be major waste of time and money and suggested I look for a second job,” the woman explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

He didn’t support her business venture in the beginning


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But, fortunately, the woman decided not to listen to her unsupportive hubby, and went ahead with her business venture anyway. Now, 18 months on, she’s turning over a good profit, and even her husband has commented on how well she’s doing with it.

“The other day, while I was checking my flowers, he started talking about what a good job I was doing keeping ‘our’ business ‘flowing.’ I corrected him about it being our business and reminded him about how little faith he had in my potential to make decent money out of growing and selling cut flowers,” she continued.

“He was like ,’well, I didn’t honestly think your little gardening hobby was going to get anywhere but now that business is flourishing I want my fair share of profit and won’t settle for less than 50 percent.'”

Perplexed by her hubby’s demands, she questioned him over what right he had to the profits of her business. He responded by saying she was growing the flowers in “his soil.”

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He claimed it was ‘his soil’ despite the fact they own the house together


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When the woman reminded him they jointly owned the house, with both of their names on the title, he hit back telling her he owned the house long before she came along, therefore it’s “technically his.”

“I told him that he must be aware that the house would be split between us if we ever separated but he just laughed and joked about how silly I was for ‘hinting’ at getting separated just because he asked for something he so richly deserves,” she continued.

“I told him no and said he was delusional to ask ’cause even his soil alone doesn’t magically grow my flowers there’s a lot of work to it from picking, buying seeds, taking time, effort to care for them. Collecting, trimming, and selling them while all he does is sit back.”

When the woman asked why it didn’t matter that she was using “his soil” at the beginning of the venture, he said it only mattered when money was involved, prompting a huge row between the pair.

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The husband eventually apologised, but only for the rude way in which he approached the subject, confirming he still wants 50 percent of the profits going forward.

“To clarify my husband and I both have our own salaries, we contribute equally towards expenses. It’s his idea since he had a divorce before,” she continued.

“He still has things that he owns alone which isn’t bad since money has never been an issue. It’s not like he needs money for an emergency or something he just wants 50 of the profit.”

Turning to Reddit to question whether she was in the wrong for denying her husband the profits, the woman was inundated with responses – most of which telling her to get as far away from him as possible.

“I really hope you’re consulting a divorce lawyer. Your husband just showed his true colours and the picture isn’t pretty at all,” one Reddit user commented. “Leave his sorry a** to rot on ‘his’ soil and plant a new garden somewhere else without an entitled burden.”

Meanwhile, another added: “Divorce him and take half the soil and half the plants. He can try to maintain the business by himself if the soil is all he thinks it takes to run the business.”

“Does he give you 50% of his salary??????? Man this makes my blood boil. What a pr***,” a third concluded.

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