Women Throwing Shade On Greg Grippo Amid ‘Bachelor’ Rumors

Reality Steve shared with Bachelor Nation that Greg Grippo might be named as the next Bachelor. Since his announcement, there are a lot of unhappy fans. In fact, some are coming out and speaking against Greg. They are expressing how the idea of Greg becoming The Bachelor is absurd and irresponsible of ABC. What is she saying and what else has been disclosed about Greg?

Women throwing shade on Greg Grippo amid rumors

Writer Sophie Ross is a big advocate for Greg Grippo NOT becoming the next lead of The Bachelor. She’s expressed herself on Twitter indicating reasons why this man would not be a good lead. Following Reality Steve announcing Greg as the most likely lead, she went to Twitter to speak out against him.

Sophie tweeted, “I don’t think ppl understand how horrible this man is and yes I’ve spoken to his exes *personally* who want to stay anonymous so they’re not mobbed by his weird embarrassing stans so F*CK this franchise forever if this is what they decide.”

When fans tried to attack her she fired back saying, “If you’re wondering why I’m so “OBSESSED,” this is why. I have personally spoken to women this man has irreparably harmed, on the phone, several times. So disgusting to give him a platform to find more victims.”

Sophie also voiced that this was what Greg wanted all along, to become The Bachelor. She also shared a message she received from a fan this afternoon. The message said she hung out with Greg who was bragging about becoming The Bachelor. Sophie responded, “Love how Greg is already going around telling ppl he’s #thebachelor. I’m gonna puke.”

The petition

Sophie also shared that the petition circulating to stop Greg from becoming The Bachelor already has over 5000 signatures.

Other women have come forward as well against Greg. One message received says her friend dated Greg in 2019. It didn’t last long as she accused him of being a “man-child.”

Greg has apologized for his behavior with Katie Thurston. However, many fans still don’t buy it. Many believe he was there to further his career.

Another fan on Twitter voiced their opinion as well. They said, “Anyone but the gaslighting emotional abuser Greg. I’d take Juan Pablo 2.0 over Greg. I’d take Yosef over Greg.”

What do you think?

Not everyone is against Greg

While it seems the majority of responses to Greg possibly becoming The Bachelor is negative, there are a few who are here for it. Some fans don’t seem to feel he did anything wrong with Katie Thurston.

One fan said, “IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE// I ABSOLUTELY CANT WAIT FOR THIS COMING SEASON OF THE #bachelor !!!!!! #greggrippo #GregForBachelor.”

There were others who shared similar feelings. However, the majority seemed to say they will not watch if Greg is the lead.

The new lead has not been named. There’s still time for producers to choose another man. There are tons of worthy souls to choose from. Will Mike Fleiss do what he wants and name Greg as the lead despite fan dislike for him?

Stay tuned to find out!

In the meantime, Don’t miss Bachelor in Paradise on ABC.

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