Woolworths new $6 Turtle Chips spark customer frenzy

A cult Korean snack has arrived in Australia, but despite looking different to other chips, shoppers have been amazed by the unique flavours.

For a lot of Australians, life has become a bit monotonous lately.

With only a few reasons permitting many of us to leave our homes, simple things like picking up the groceries have become the highlight of our weeks.

That’s why a bag of strange looking chips currently on offer in Woolworths has stopped many in their tracks recently.

Turtle Chips look completely different to any of the other snacks on the shelves and as it turns out, taste unlike anything else too.

If you’ve never heard of Turtle Chips, you’re not alone. It’s a South Korean brand made by snack giant Orion that has a huge cult-following thanks to the chips’ incredibly crunchy texture.

While Woolies began stocking the Corn Soup flavour, $6, in May last year, a second flavour was added to shelves recently, sparking excitement among Aussies who’ve never experienced the four-layer chip before.

The second flavour available now stocked in the supermarket giant is Choco Churro, a salty, sweet taste one Australian TikTok user dubbed “unreal”.

“What the f**k. My girlfriend found these chocolate churro flavour Turtle Chips in Woolworths,” the Adelaide man said in his short video.

Upon first inspection, he decided the snack looked “weird” but upon smelling them he changed his tune, describing them “incredible” before surmising “these are actually pretty damn good”.

Woolworths said the additional Turtle Chips flavour was added to celebrate the upcoming Asian Moon Festival, warning it would only be in stores for a limited time.

“Following the launch of the Turtle Chips range last year, we have seen customers take great interest in the snack,” a spokesperson told news.com.au

“We’re always looking to expand our range of international products that excite customers, and are pleased to see the increased interest in these snacks.”

On Twitter, people from around the world have revealed they are “addicted to Turtle chips”, while others claim they are the “best Korean snack”.

Coles also recently started selling the Corn Soup flavour Turtle Chips too, stocking them at approximately 450 stores since May.

One delighted shopper declared the supermarket had “stepped up its international range” after finding them in store, adding: “I’m so glad I can get Turtle Chips here now!!”

On TikTok, there are streams of videos from around the world, with one captioned: “The Turtle Chip hype is real”.

Another reads: “You need to try these.”

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