WWE Network: Schedule Update for September 6-12

The WWE Network schedule just dropped on NBC Peacock. Older Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown episodes leading into Summerslam will be available. The exclusive Never Forget documentary looks back at the first WWE event after 9/11. For fans who have missed any action, This Week in WWE and The Bump will catch them right up.

WWE Network Weekday Update:

Monday, September 6
Raw Talk– 11:05 p.m. EST
Moments after watching Monday Night Raw, the WWE Universe can head over the WWE Network for the post-game show. Raw Talk features a host panel and a list of guests who will discuss what took place during that night’s show.

Tuesday, September 7
No New Content

WWE NXT Action

Wednesday, September 8
Monday Night Raw (8/9/21)
If you missed out on the August 9 edition of Monday Night Raw, you can catch right back up on the action in the on-demand section. Watch the lead-up to WWE Summerslam on the WWE Network via NBC Peacock.

WWE’s The Bump– 10 a.m. EST
Join the hosts of the WWE’s weekly talk show The Bump to discuss the current events of the WWE. The Bump often includes random superstars who give their thoughts on what is going on in the WWE.

WWE NXT (9/7/21)
As WWE NXT prepares for a massive re-branding and shake-up, make sure to watch the latest episode of the black and gold brand on the WWE Network.

Thursday, September 9
Take a look back at Ilja Dragunov’s NXT UK Title win during his instant classic with WALTER.

This Week in WWE
For those who weren’t able to check out all the WWE content, This Week in WWE will fill in all the blanks. The WWE’s weekly wrap-up show brings every up to speed so you’ll never miss out on the action.

Friday, September 10
Never Forget: WWE Returns After 9/11
WWE Smackdown was the first major public event following the tragic events on September 11, 2001. “Never Forget” looks back at the events of that night and those who were there in person.

205 Live – 10 p.m. EST
After checking out Friday Night Smackdown on FOX, fans can switch over to the WWE Network to watch the cruiserweights in action. 205 Live delivers the best of the cruiserweights via the NBC Peacock app.

WWE Network: Weekend Update

Saturday, September 11
WWE Main Event (8/19/21)
WWE Superstars who don’t often make it on Raw and Smackdown have time to shine on WWE Main Event. Each week the network spotlights even more superstars, including Jeff Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, and Mansoor.

Talking Smack-
The post-game show for Friday Night Smackdown will drop on the on-demand section to discuss all the action.

Independent Drop-
Outside of the WWE Universe, there is still plenty of wrestling action to witness. ICW Fight Club 188 and PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 121 are now available so fans give them a shot in the on-demand section.

Sunday, September 12
Friday Night SmackDown (8/13/21)
Rewind back to the August 13 edition of Friday Night Smackdown. The blue brand builds towards WWE Summerslam and Roman Reigns battling John Cena.



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